A downloadable game for Windows and Android



It is a side-scrolling shooter of all six stages .

Select three animals from six species of cats of different performance ,

Please to capture the stage while changing the formation depending on the situation .

We collected the money drop and defeat the enemy , and the ship and cats to power up in your company

Capture easier.

But continue from the first of the stage , because the power-up is a directly

Many times I think that I can clear if Kontenyu .




[Cursor key] : 8way move

[Z] : shot

[X] : formation change

[C] : bom


[LEFT STICK] : 360way move

[A] : shot

[B] : formation change

[X] : bom


nekomiko_stg15.zip 26 MB

Also available on


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Really reminds me of the Legend of the Mystical Ninja for SNES lol, thats a good thing, can't wait to try this